EHang 216

State-of-the-art Design and Quality

Intelligent Safety by Design

Hardware Safety

Full-redundancy design for all major flight components of the aircraft, including the flight control systems, sensors, power systems, batteries and their management systems. In case of any component malfunctions, the backup components will immediately and seamlessly take over control to ensure safety.

System Safety

EHang AAV boasts multiple flight control systems, each further having multiple sensors and a voting mechanism. This design makes the whole system able to obtain correct data and function safely even in complicated circumstances.

Flight Safety

The built-in fail-safe system is able to automatically assess the health of the aircraft in real time. In case of any malfunction of the major flight components, or collision with other objects such as birds and certain damages are caused, the fail-safe system will automatically assess the damage level and determine whether to continue the flight or to land at nearby airports.

Communication Security

The communication data of EHang AAV system with the command and control center is encrypted, and each aircraft has its independent key to avoid any malicious hacking.

Emergency Measures

In case of any emergency, the command and control center can intervene immediately and take appropriate measures based on the situations to ensure the safety of passengers and aircrafts.

Autopilot empowered by AI

The flight of EHang AAV requires no pilot, nor any piloting skills by passengers, who only need to  select  the  destination  airport  on  the  on-board  tablet,  and then EHang AAV will perform the predetermined flight path autonomously.

Intelligent Navigation
Vertically taking off and landing, EHang AAV flies in an inverted U-shape path between its airports by the intelligent navigation system and accurate GPS positioning. The airports and flight paths will be jointly planned by EHang and local aviation authorities to ensure  the  reliability  of  communication  and  the flight paths to avoid any conflicts in the way.

Accurate Landing
The downward-facing computer visual system ensures the accuration of its vertical takeoff and landing. Thus EHang AAV have no need of large airport space nor runways, which satisfies the demand of urban air transport for daily public commute, in order to relieve the current traffic congestion pressures.

Green Energy of Electric Power

Safe Power

EHang AAV uses pure electric energy as its power, and there never be danger caused by the flameout of the fuel engine.

Green Energy

Purely powered by electricity, EHang AAV is a green and eco-friendly aircraft without any fossil fuel that may cause environmental pollution with exhausts.

Fast Recharging

EHang AAV can be recharged by mains electricity or customized industrial power within 1 hour at the fastest.

Smart BMS

EHang AAV intelligent battery management system (BMS) efficiently monitors the health status and coordinates the 8 groups of batteries in real time, ensuring a safe and reliable power supply. Even if a battery fails, it can guarantee the operational requirements of the aircraft power system.